Nobody can be uncheered with a BALLOON.

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.”

…A lovely quote from our friend Winnie the Pooh… and he’s not wrong!

If you have a tight budget then balloons are a great way to fill a space and carry a theme. If you have bigger budget and fancy being adventurous, there are load of options out there as well. Balloons can be used at any event no matter your theme.

So ‘what’s the catch?’ you say

Well, there isn’t much of a downside except that you’ll need to buy your own Helium Gas if you’re filling them yourself. A basic canister of gas costs between £18-25 and the amount of balloons you can fill depends on the size that you want. The larger the balloon the less you’ll make! If you opt for the store bought balloons you can make an overall saving however you might not get as many balloons for your pound. It’s best to shop around as some vendors include gas-filling with certain types of balloons.

Check out our examples below:

Option 1: Doing It Yourself

  • 1 Helium Balloon Canister – £19.00 (£18.00 plus £1.00 Click & Collect)
  • 50 Assorted Latex Balloons – £1.89 (with free delivery)
  • Total Cost: £20.89

Option 2: Buying from a Store

  • 10 Small Latex Balloons – £17.40 (£0.99 + £0.75 inflation fee) Card Factory
  • 3-Balloon Bouquet – £14.00 (1 round foil balloon + 2 coloured star-shaped balloon plus free inflation) Card Factory
  • Total Cost: £17.40 or £14.00


Ebay, Amazon and most party suppliers offer a range of balloons in a variety of colours so you can definitely find something to suit your occasion.


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