Here comes the bride, all dressed in.. GREEN??!

We love weddings but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a wedding!

The engagement, the excitement, the ring, the dress, ‘THE” kiss, the food, the drink, the non stop partying… 


So, weddings.. where do we start?? Weddings are tricky things simply because there are so many variables – location, dates, guest numbers, budget and the list continues

First things first, before we getting to the fun stuff let’s bust a few myths..

  • Not all brides are Bridezillas
  • Most brides don’t know what they want although they’re confident that they do
  • Some Grooms DO want to be involved in the planning
  • Yes, you can plan your own wedding without a wedding planner

Key Things

  • Set your budget – A real budget, including donations etc and your absolute max – Be honest with yourselves when setting budgets. The more honest you are at the beginning the better off you will be down the line.
  • Pick an ideal date – You don’t have to chose a date 12 months after getting engaged. More and more, couples are giving themselves 18-24 months so that they have enough prep time plus, you’re more likely to get your chosen date at your preferred venue if you book well in advance
  • Calculate your guest numbers – A rough number, your dream venue may hold 150 guests but you need to accommodate 250 guests or vice versa and your dream venue is too big
  • Decide on location – This works hand-in-hand with setting your wedding date. Often the venue’s availability will dictate the date but the more options you have in terms of location the more choice you’ll have
  • Get yourselves wedding insurance! – The not so sexy but very important bit. You’re about to spend a decent amount of money on your wedding and honeymoon, it’s best to be covered just in case
  • Next you’ll need to create a plan! This is the MOST important part. The plan alone can make or break a person. Nowadays you can google search ‘Wedding Checklist’ or ‘Key things when planning a wedding’ and you’ll find a lot of free useful information. Create a folder/book/OneNote/google doc or whatever it is you find most helpful. This will be your bible so to speak and will help keep everyone else on track too.

Common checklist items

  • Pre-wedding Celebrations – Engagement Party, Stag-do, Hen-do
  • Notifications – Save the Dates, Invitations, Place Holders, Dinner Menu, Seating Plan
  • Wedding Party – Bridesmaid, Groomsmen, Page boy & Flower girls,
  • Ceremony – Officiant, Master of Ceremony
  • Vendors/Suppliers – Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Make-up Artist(s), Wedding Car(s), Cake Supplier, Caterer, Venue Decorator, DJ or Band, Reception Party Staff (optional)

If you want to hire a wedding planner you can do this at any point, there are no hard rules but with everything in life, the sooner the better.


Image Credit: ‘Art Inspired Wedding Styled Shoot in Italy | Photos by Janna Warm More’ Image found on Pintrest, posted by Belles & Bubbles (


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